06 de junio de 2020
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Daily COVID-19 pandemic roundup: May 13

Miami Desk, May 13 (efe-epa).- Here's a roundup of stories around the world related to the novel coronavirus pandemic:

US: Florida's Miami-Dade and Broward Counties are planning to reopen non-essential businesses on May 18, although the two counties together have almost 50 percent of the state's 42,402 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1,827 deaths. Miami-Dade has had 14,298 cases and 518 deaths, while Broward has had 5,851 cases and 267 deaths, according to state health department figures.

COLOMBIA: The Colombian government reported Wednesday that 509 people have died of the coronavirus here so far, with 12,930 confirmed cases having been detected.

MEXICO: At least 590 Cuban doctors are working in Mexico to help that country treat coronavirus patients, officials within the Mexico City Tourism Secretariat reported Wednesday, but the total could be even greater with an official at the capital's Economic Development Secretariat telling EFE that 800 Cuban doctors are being housed in Mexico City.

BRAZIL: In the past 24 hours, 749 people died from Covid-19 in Brazil, bringing the death toll to more than 13,000, according to the Health Ministry, while a total of 188,974 confirmed cases have been diagnosed. Brazil is now ahead of France in terms of its virus totals, moving into the No. 6 spot in confirmed Covid-19 cases.

ARGENTINA: Argentina on Wednesday hit a new record with 316 newly detected coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, maintaining a rising trend for the past four days and bringing the total caseload to 6,879, while 329 people have died. This is the first time that more than 300 cases have been detected on a single day.

PERU: Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra announced Wednesday that the country has entered "the final phase" of the national state of emergency over the Covid-19 pandemic, despite the fact that authorities reported 4,247 newly detected virus cases, the highest daily total so far. More than 76,000 confirmed cases have been detected in Peru and 2,169 people have died.

HONDURAS: Honduras reported that 46 of its citizens have died from Covid-19 abroad, mostly in the US and Spain. About 1.5 million Hondurans live abroad and so far the country is reporting 2,080 confirmed cases at home with 121 deaths.

EL SALVADOR: El Salvador reported a 3.9 percent increase in coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours, the total now standing at 1.037, with most of them being asymptomatic so far.

ECUADOR: Ecuadorians in vulnerable groups - such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, the disabled and chronically ill - who return from abroad will be allowed to quarantine themselves in their homes, the Foreign Relations Ministry said Wednesday, although people not in these groups who return to Ecuador will have to be quarantines in special hotel shelters for seven days then may return home if they test negative for the virus.




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Daily COVID-19 pandemic roundup: June 4

Miami Desk, Jun 4 (efe-epa).- Here's a roundup of stories around the world related to the novel coronavirus pandemic:

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Expert panel: Pandemic shows fighting "fake news" should be joint effort

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Daily COVID-19 pandemic roundup: June 1

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Family-ordered autopsy confirms George Floyd died of asphyxiation

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Boston ex-police chief: The problem's not the police, it's systemic racism

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4 Brazilian states begin reopening with cases, deaths still on the rise

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Daily COVID-19 pandemic roundup: May 31

Miami Desk, May 31 (efe-epa).- Here's a roundup of stories around the world related to the novel coronavirus pandemic:

Pro- and anti-Bolsonaro forces clash in Sao Paulo

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Police behavior stirring up violence amid US protests

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SpaceX Dragon capsule docks with International Space Station

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Daily COVID-19 pandemic roundup: May 28

Miami Desk, May 28 (efe-epa).- Here's a roundup of stories around the world related to the novel coronavirus pandemic:

With 101,000 deaths, US still unable to slow spread of coronavirus

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FBI giving top priority to black man's death at hands of Minneapolis police

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Migrants held in US detention centers at the mercy of COVID-19

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Daily COVID-19 pandemic roundup: May 27

Miami Desk, May 27 (efe-epa).- Here's a roundup of stories around the world related to the novel coronavirus pandemic:

NASA-SpaceX launch to International Space Station scrubbed due to weather

Miami, May 27 (efe-epa).- The historic launch of the NASA-SpaceX manned mission to the International Space Station from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida...

Brazil's economic engine announces responsible resumption of activities

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Expert: Pandemic revealing labor exploitation as in US slavery period

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