02 de abril de 2020




ARIES: 2020 will be a year of challenges, busy and full of changes, without a doubt. You will want to go and live new experiences. Your ambitions and goals will be very ambitious and you will go after all that 2019 did not give you. Beware of trampling heads, can bring you problems in interpersonal relationships. Possible new relationships at the love level. If you are disappointed, look at other options. On a professional level, you need to make decisions that have been delayed for some time. Do not be afraid heaven will accompany you to put more order in that area and see more clearly. Be careful with your emotional ups and downs. Try to regulate yourself so they don't play tricks on you.

Tip: Use your heart more and don't settle. It will be the year to dare more than you already know how to do it!


TAURO: 2020 will be a year of changes and transformation. It will not be a year of rest but of many professional projects to which you will have to put your greatest energy since the sky will accompany you to shine in this area. In addition, this year you will be more involved with your inner side trying to lower revolutions and looking for peace of mind. For everything you undertake and you must make a decision on, take your time to analyze it very well.

Tip: Learn to set healthy boundaries by saying "NO." Revalue your friendship concept. Be careful with the companies you choose at work level, sometimes it is better to be alone.


GÉMINIS: 2020 will be a year where you will go with firmer steps. Not everything will be easy, I can't lie to you, but I know that with tenacity you will be able to circumvent whatever comes your way. You will have to organize your energy to be able to carry out what you set out to do. Find balance and do not leave anything to chance. Try not to be all work and family and attend more to your personal and emotional relationships. Change your priorities, because you will need it in order to achieve greater fullness. Beware of real estate, in this regard there will be tough challenges and confrontations; It will be key that you control your impulses.

Tip: Try to answer honestly what you really want and trust yourself more and please, change what was left behind for the next new life. Be more optimistic for life to pay you back.


CANCER: 2020 will be an unstable year. Your mood will be a roller coaster. Knowing this, try to help yourself and focus on what really matters. You will be very eager to enjoy your areas in general with more sense of freedom. You know that despite feeling free and strong, you live in the middle of a large cage that imprisons you and distresses you. These are times to really show who you are, to let your personality flow without shame. Relationships will be tested all the time and the change is likely to be unstoppable in that area; ruptures or more formality may come, but being without a definition and simulating is over. Try to socialize more, it can be of great support. Take more risks on a professional level, do not always do the same because you will not move forward, but success will come if you do not rest on the fact that things resolve themselves; these are times to put much more of you. But beware: turn off your mind a little to think better and make better decisions, wanting to be in everything, all the time is not the solution and is not healthy.

Tip: take risks! Don't get depressed about situations that don't go your way. Listen more to your intuition and live more authentically.


LEO: 2020 will be a year of efforts if you want to receive gifts. If you stay focused, you can take advantage of the situations around you at the work level, but you will have to work harder than today. One thing is what you move out and another reality and you know it. Do not set very ambitious goals. Family and friends will be the support you need, but it is also possible that new links are generated.

Tip: you are taking everything for granted in a false comfort zone where you have known for some time that you are not growing anymore. If you want to achieve the success and brightness that you like as a natural leader you will have to redouble your efforts and put the batteries. Not everything is pleasure.


VIRGO: 2020 will be a year to relax more. It will be the moment where you will seek to optimize your time at work level to be able to share more time with friends and family. The professional level will bring satisfaction, you will reap the fruits of years of work. Take command and be encouraged to level up. Always work from humility and not from imposition and thus you will gain the respect of many. There are times of power, prominence and growth.

Tip: the year will be stable despite a change in the professional level that was the door to a new stage in general. Trust more in heaven and in your heart. Lean on your loved ones.

LIBRA: 2020 will be a year to put first and accelerate. This year you will make a difference if you put your mind into it. Try to act professionally in a more strategic and non-emotional way. Look, if you are presented with a job challenge, make the harmony of the group prevail over your personal interests and rise to your competition if you have it. Be the person who initiates things and don’t be in standby mode. Go get what you think you deserve without so many fears. It is possible that the environment will not make it easy for you and that will exhaust you. Work more on you on a spiritual level and in consciousness so you don't get stuck in that network. In love, bet on change if you don't have a relationship with solid foundations and take refuge more in your friends. In case you have it, share more time than two and exceed what is presented while maintaining balance.

Tip: Time to return to your own light and stop being in the shadow of anyone. Do not let fear win over you this time, resist difficult periods and choose you!


ESCORPIO: 2020 will be a year for you to notice! Great year to stand out in the workplace assuming greater responsibilities and acting with determination. Try to order and discipline yourself in this area so as not to live running so much; Optimize your time. In love, it will be clear to you that you must make decisions that take you to another real place. The time of indecision or waiting is over. Listen to your intuition and handle yourself more freely.

Tip: open yourself to love and flow more in that field. But be careful, don't waste your time. Rest in your loved ones and give real attention to the people around you: they also need you to listen to them.


SAGITARIO: 2020 will be a year of great opening. You will be asked for all your energy put into your projects, if what you want is to move forward, and your greatest commitment. Be smart and programmed in managing your finances. In the love plan it will be a year, despite everything that costs you, which will point to much more formal relationships to which you are accustomed. Use caution and perseverance in all planes of your life.

Tip: to achieve what you want you must generate it, do not fall asleep!, or fall into your constant fatigue. Open up! Do not fall into excesses, do not seek recognition all the time. Concentrate on growing in the long term and release the immediate pleasure you are looking for almost always.

CAPRICORNIO: 2020 will be a year of great transformation. Changes certainly come to you. New challenges will be there so that with constancy and efforts the raffles and then reap the rewards. Your personal self will mutate giving a very different value to the balance you will seek to achieve between work and personal life. New doors open and new people, too, arrive. Get close to that which lets you be who you really are from an authentic place.

Tip: Heaven accompanies you, do not stop and that difficulties do not stagnate, keep going! Take care of your body to accompany you in the new challenges. Persevere and you will succeed. Rest in your real affections.


ACUARIO: 2020 will be a year of great opportunities. Be friendly with the change. You are a sign with too much fixedness despite your strong free and independent spirit. Heaven tells you that if you bet on change, this time it will accompany you. Possible removals, possible new jobs, possible new relationships, will come and you will tell me. But for this to be carried out positively in your favor you will have to make space, leave situations and people who don't pay you back and you know it and take away light and air; Don't worry about prioritizing yourself.

Tip: you need to leave old patterns that stagnate you, especially your lack of personal courage and your fears. Success is just around the corner, you just have to believe it to get it. Go firm and don't stop. Stay open and awake.


PISCIS: 2020 will be a very inspiring year. Year to display creativity in search of success, since heaven will accompany you. Work hard for your dreams, work perseverance, turn to teamwork. It is important that you know that in the case of the sentimental plane some disappointments may continue to be due to your quick way of trusting the undescribed person. Therefore, try to enjoy more without buying the first thing that comes along. Take refuge in your friends.

Tip: it will be key that you organize yourself very well in what you undertake to avoid headaches. Control your emotions that you know are usually unstable and play bad passes. Take time for yourself!





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