02 de abril de 2020






The first month of the year has undoubtedly set the energetic rhythm that you will feel throughout 2020. Now, little by little we will have to slow down, set our priorities and focus on what is really important.

It is from now on that we are going to start seeing the real opportunities to carry out our dreams. It is time to see what is concrete in reality and what is not, so that we do not waste time. It will be time to hit the ground running and take action.

A nice month awaits us to take advantage of everything! Let's go for that!




[read your Ascendant first and then your Sun].



Tip: Change your perspective on love! Put aside the fears that prevent you from really connecting with other people. Don't focus on looking to blame others, work on yourself. Bet on the next change, you are strong enough to be able to carry it forward with your forehead up.



Tip: do not worry more about your work life. It should be clear to you on that things should change for your peace of mind. Become better organized and set priorities. Things do not happen alone: ​​if you want something you must act with determination to achieve it, do not be comfortable and lazy! Get active!



Tip: Despite being mentally active, this month will force them to bump into their emotions and work on them. Take advantage of this moment of empathy and amorousness to connect with you and others! Apply diplomacy when speaking! Do not fear love! Open yourself up to live and enjoy the cycles of life.



Tip: it is an excellent time to face trips, do it before Mercury retrograde. Do activities that reduce your stress because you will be high. Get out more! Meet new people! Attend to your personal relationships, not everything is work! Try to use your energy better so you can feel freer and get better results. Do not live tragically CHANGE, it is for good.



Tip: It’s a great time to end unresolved issues with others that takes away your freedom. You need to be friends with the idea of ​​starting a new life from scratch. A great release! Cheer up! Clarity will come if you consciously move towards the process of change.



Tip: Teamwork can give you very good results, take advantage of it! Be encouraged to see things from another perspective, do not limit your mind. Avoid talking about more. Turn off the complaint, especially in family settings, enjoy these spaces more. It is time to focus on strengthening better ties for yourself.



Tip: there are still many scars to heal. No one can heal them from outside. Seriously! It is in the intimate encounter with yourself where you will be able to put aside that wounded ego and heal the emotion. Stop co-depending. Enough of secrets and lies. Grow up if you want recognition. Lean on friends!



Tip: The month of February will have Scorpios harvesting the fruits of their labor in the work place and sewing in new creative projects, new love, and children. Slowly, Scorpios will feel an internal peace and calmness after so many intense months. It’s important to choose your words wisely and avoid hurting others. Get excited to try new experiences! The true change that will come now is your mindset, mold your mind and evolve.



Tip: this will be the time to build a new awareness, where you will begin to value close affections more and work on perseverance. It is from now on that you will change that impulsivity that you always have for new loves and for quick loss of interest and short duration of relationships.



Tip: open up to love, put aside your coldness. Speak more about what you feel not only with your partner but, also to friends, and colleagues. Teamwork is beneficial, but beware of using authoritarianism. Some old family structure must finally change. Live new experiences and set aside rigidity and self-demand.



Tip: encourage yourself to say what you need, learn to receive and stop being the provider all the time. It is a great time to try out new ideas, before the retrogradation of Mercury. Listen more to your heart than to your mind! Be authentic.



Tip: work anxiety. Listen to your intuition. Choose better relationships. It is a great time to go out to achieve your dreams. The emotional plane is favored: empathy, sensuality. On a professional level, responsibility and commitment work.




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